Welcome to the lab website for Dr Jennifer E. Markham at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. This website is a resource for information on plant sphingolipids as well as other areas of instruction and research being carried out in Dr Markham's lab.

Research in the Markham lab is focused on understanding the organization of (sphingo)lipid metabolism and how metabolic components of this pathway can influence critical cell-fate decisions. Our philosophy is that in order to be able to understand how metabolites are involved in metabolic and physiological life processes, one must be able to measure them - seeing is believing! We use the latest tools in biochemistry - mass spectrometry - to measure many molecules involved in plant sphingolipid biochemistry including – but not limited to – fatty acids, steroids, amino acids, sphingolipids, glycerolipids, nucleotide phosphates and UDP/GDP-sugars. By obtaining accurate measurements of these molecules in different genetic backgrounds, we are able to piece together how the different structures contribute towards sphingolipid biochemistry, cellular signalling and plant physiology.

Below you will find further information about plant sphingolipids, our research and activities in the Markham lab.

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Tel: (+1) 402 472-6967
Campus: N146 Beadle Center, 1901 Vine St, Lincoln, NE 68588

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Information on the structure, detection and function of plant sphingolipids and just what makes them so enigmantic.


The Riddle of the Sphinx
(as relates to sphingolipids):

What contains long acyl-chains like a lipid, but cannot be saponified by mild base and is soluble in aqueous-solvents?

Lipid metabolism


Membrane Biogenesis

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